Focus 2024

Paléo festival 2024

July 23-28

Paléo is a major musical event in Europe with six days and six nights of music and shows, spread over seven stages with various profiles. Both a springboard for young talents and a platform for headliners. This year 15 swiss artists will perform on stage, a great opportunity to discover and enjoy Swiss Music.

July 23, 2024

Yalla Miku

CLUB TENT - 16:30

Krautrock globetrotter

There’s more where this came from! Yalla Miku brings together the duos Hyperculte and Cyril Cyril, as well as Samuel Ades, Ali Boushaki, and Anouar Baouna. An all-star team that you’d think might be older, given its exceptional musical harmony. Theirs is a multicultural explosion of beats and styles, borrowing in turn from Gnawa and Eritrean folklore, as well as krautrock and punk. Their electric symbiosis will take you on an unforgettable trip!

July 23, 2024

Sami Galbi


Radiant contemporary raï

Sami Galbi composes and produces soundscapes that feed off the popular music of his childhood and the cabarets of Casablanca and Marseille. Backed by analogue machines and a guitar, he infuses the traditional genres of raï and chaabi with a contemporary, radiant twist. His first single, Dakchi Hani, bears witness to his immense talent, filled with a welcome sense of humour!

July 24, 2024



Immersive cold wave

Orphia conjures up the disillusions of his generation with krautrock-inspired synths. The Geneva-born singer-songwriter’s first singles—the mesmerising Oberheim and the sombre Crayon Noir—were a hit before his debut EP L’Aventure des Gens Modernes was even released. Cold wave, post-punk, and synth pop make up this Depeche Mode-like album, which blends melancholic, passionate French prose with astounding musical maturity. Are you ready to set off on an adventure with Orphia?

July 25, 2024

Nuit Incolore

VEGA - 17:30

Incandescent melancholy pop

Nuit Incolore finds his inspiration under the stars. Since the viral success of his single Dépassé, the Swiss artist has been inviting us, through a string of live performances, to share his creative insomnia and inner spark. With one movement of his hand, he sends his spleen swirling into a world inspired by Japanese animated films. A master of heady melodies and melancholy pop that sometimes veers into rap, Nuit Incolore embarks us on a journey through the night.

July 25, 2024


CLUB TENT - 16:30

Chanson ardente

A messenger for a new, unabashed generation, Silance have established themselves as heralds of a new gender. Initially a rapper, Silance has become increasingly liberated as a singer, able to blend urban pop, slam poetry, and rap with 80s synth sounds. Driven by the spirit of witches who were once burnt because of their freedom of thought, Silance’s torrid torrent promises to trouble souls from Lausanne to L’Asse.

July 25, 2024



Electro sound gem

Sensu is Switzerland’s latest electro sensation. Her complex beats and samples give pride of place to homemade piano tracks. Somewhere between garage and electronica, her style is built around meticulously crafted vocal textures. Known for her Remix Labs, where she reinterprets tracks by the likes of Skepta and Rosalía, Sensu has a wide range of talents, making her a real sonic gem. A guilty pleasure on long summer nights.

July 26, 2024


CLUB TENT - 19:45

Mystical hip hop

Swiss rap is in good health, as evidenced by Slimka who in just a few years, has become a major player in the rap game. With his new album, Le Grand Mystico, he confirms his status as a key player on the scene. Through mystical visual freak shows, crafty punchlines, and elegant electronic soundscapes, he delivers an introspective and modern reinterpretation of hip hop. Slimka is an up-and-coming star, who has already made his mark with the help of other Swiss prodigies of his generation, such as Danitsa, Makala, and Rounhaa. There’s strength in numbers!

July 26, 2024

Sirens Of Lesbos

CLUB TENT - 16:30

Optimistic electro-funk

A timeless traveller at the crossroads of genres, Sirens of Lesbos revive worldbeat with a deliciously nonchalant approach. Their hybrid style of electro, funk, pop, and disco takes us into a deliciously nostalgic musical haven. Hope-filled lyrics sublimate the retro synths of these peace & love backpackers. Music that cures all ills, to be enjoyed without reserve!

July 26, 2024



Atmospheric afrobeat

Whether working solo or alongside her collective Zagaza, Hirma has created an identity for herself as a truly respected DJ. Her high-energy sets follow only one motto: “Make the crowd feel SEXY!” Afrobeat, hip-hop, drum & bass, and Jersey club are at the heart of her versatile, cutting-edge selections. This confident, eclectic mix reflects her vast musical knowledge as much as her inclusive approach to the dancefloor.

July 27, 2024


VEGA - 17:30

Spellbinding rap

Here’s a success story like no other! In 2022, in his bedroom, Rounhaa produced a rare gem, Music Sounds Better With You—a real banger that blends powerful basslines with autotuned vocals. Since then, the rapper has joined Disiz’s record label, releasing two albums in two years and collaborating with Gio and Luther. Thanks to his unique versatility, and his mix of melancholic tunes and hardcore rap, Rounhaa has made his mark and established himself in the big leagues.

July 27, 2024


CLUB TENT - 16:30

Afropop ambassador

Switzerland and Burkina Faso may be worlds apart, but they have one thing in common: Lakna. Her soulful vocals, as gentle as our pastures, are delicately set to warm R’n’B music, which provides the perfect backdrop for her sensitive lyrics. A master in the art of mixing styles, Lakna is about to unleash a Tsunami of emotions on Paléo. From Ouagadougou to L’Asse, she’ll fly the colours of Afro pop. Borders only exist in the mind!

July 27, 2024

Lateena & Bony Fly


Hip-hop de club
La tornade Lateena, originaire de Jamaïque, secoue la scène undeground zurichoise depuis plusieurs années, sans montrer aucun signe d’essoufflement. Celle qui a gagné dans les cœurs le titre de reine du dancehall suisse ne se fait pas prier pour exécuter ses performances colorées, bâties sur des beats pensés comme des uppercuts, qui font twerker les neurones. Ses messages forts et positifs achèvent le combo pour un résultat éblouissant!

July 27, 2024


CLUB TENT - 22:15

Sunny tropical pop

A Swiss band that mixes electronic music, bossa nova, and afro-dancehall? The Roshâni trio have pulled it off! Their first single Reinas is a perfect reflection of their multiple talents and diverse influences. The combination of Spanish lyrics with ethereal electro sounds and oriental melodies gives them a catchy alternative style that bodes well for their future. A band to keep an eye on!

July 28, 2024

Pat Burgener

CLUB TENT - 16:00

Aesthetic surf rock

Snowboarding or surfing, Pat Burgener has it in his blood. So when he’s got five minutes between two runs at the World Snowboard Championships, the athlete takes the opportunity to project himself onto an island paradise, shirt open, and ukulele in hand. And there he is, churning out nuggets and feel-good summer tracks with the same ease as a switch backside triple cork 1440. His sweet, happy surf rock is perfect to fill up on vitamins before hitting the waves!

July 28, 2024



Trance d'enfer

Ugo2hell est aussi frais que la nuit qu’il nous promet. DJ passionné du collectif Secteur Sucre, il sait comment cuisiner le parfait pic glycémique électronique. De la descente aux enfers à une envolée au firmament il n’y a qu’un pas qu’Ugo2hell enjambe avec brio armé de ses sons eurodance et techno qui excitent la nuit. Aussi addictif que les fraises tagada de notre enfance!